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Introducing: "Mama's Boy." The new short story by Crilll Cracraft.

Ray Johnson is a cocky criminal on the run, and avoiding capture is slippery business when he's encountered by two 
missionaries from out of town. With a senior officer hot on his trail, Ray has to think fast and play it cool, for 
should he fall into the hands of the law... his mother will not be pleased.

Kindle eBook available at Amazon.

Crilll Cracraft/Author

Cracraft's first short story: "The Messenger"

When Don Reeves decides to take a stroll to a nearby diner he has no idea what's in store for him. The journey there is frightening enough, 
but the real terror awaits him at his destination. There Don discovers that what he fears is ultimately linked to what he desires.

Kindle eBook now available at Amazon.

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