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Let me turn your favorite photos into works of art!

Ink and Watercolor Portraits


11" x 14"             $250

Includes picture frame and shipping! Your ink and watercolor portrait will be shipped safely in a tasteful frame behind glass and will be ready to hang. 

Oil Portraits

Self Portrait


  9" x 12"

Single person, head and shoulders:


9" x 12"      $300

11" x 14"    $400     


12" x 16"    $500

Single person, standing or sitting:

18" x 24"    $600

24" x 30"    $800

24" x 36"    $1000

Two people, head and shoulders:

16" x 20"    $600

18" x 24"    $800

Two people, standing or sitting:

18" x 24"    $1000

24" x 30"    $1200

24" x 36"    $1500

Prices here are only estimates. Actual cost may be less or more depending on the complexity of the painting. Price includes shipping/insurance within the continental U.S. 

How It Works:

Step 1.  Email me a photograph 


Send your photo to and let me know which type of portrait you would like done, oil or watercolor, and which size (all watercolors are 11" x 14"). I will contact you shortly and confirm the price and give you an approximation of how long the project will take to complete. 

Step 2.  Make an agreement

To keep things simple and painless our email correspondence shall serve as our contract. As long as we are clear about the price, the size, the deposit (non-refundable. *see below), and the time it will take to complete the painting we should be alright.   


Step 3.  Pay the 50% deposit

Once we have reached an agreement on the price, the size, and the time it will take to complete the painting you will need to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit. My preferred method for doing this is to use PayPal. Written checks will have to clear first before I can proceed with the project.


Step 4.  Be patient / Pay the balance


Once I have the deposit I will begin working on your painting. When I am about halfway done with the painting I will send you a picture of it so you will know that I am actually working on it. I hate showing a work in progress but I feel it's necessary to reassure my customers since they have made a deposit and will have to wait a couple months for the finished product to arrive. The painting will actually be finished a few weeks before I can ship it because the paint will need time to dry before I can apply a varnish. When the painting is finished, prior to varnishing, I will send another photograph for final approval. Once the painting is varnished and ready to ship you will pay the remaining 50% and I will ship it to you. That's it!


Oil painting is a painstaking and time consuming endeavor. For this reason I'm unable to return deposits to my customers, even if they are dissatisfied with the finished painting. I can only promise to do my best work. If you are not completely satisfied with your painting we can discuss making changes - within reason - to make it look the way you would like. Whether you love or hate the finished painting I will not ship it to you until the balance is paid.   

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