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Terms and Conditions

Prices  (oil on canvas)

Single person, head and shoulders:


9" x 12"      $600

11" x 14"    $800     


12" x 16"    $1000

Single person, standing or sitting:

18" x 24"    $1200

24" x 30"    $1600

24" x 36"    $2000

Two people, head and shoulders:

16" x 20"    $1200

18" x 24"    $1600

Two people, standing or sitting:

18" x 24"    $2000

24" x 30"    $2400

24" x 36"    $3000

I'm an artist, not a lawyer. The last thing I want on this page is a bunch of legal jargon, paragraphs and subsections, however, an understanding between myself (the artist) and you (the patron) must be established before we can proceed with the commission. 

Subject Matter

- I understand it is the artist's discretion to reject my proposed commission based on the subject matter. 


(This means that I don't want to make a painting based on a poor quality photograph. A lousy photo makes for a lousy painting and I don't want to be associated with lousy paintings. This also means that I don't want to be asked to make a hyper-realistic painting of the 2,000 piece puzzle you scattered on your table and took a photograph of. Those issues aside, I am NOT opposed to nudity or dark subjects. I am pretty open minded, however, I'd rather NOT be asked to paint something that promotes your political views. If you want a painting with a message stick to the more universal aspects of being human — love, sex, death, wonder, joy, misery, etc.)


- The cost of my commission will be based on several factors such as painting size, the amount of detail work involved, and what type of canvas will be used. For example, a portrait of a man wearing a suit jacket done from the chest up requires less time than a portrait of a woman wearing glasses with tattoos on her arm, resting her chin on her hand. More detail requires more time to paint and more time requires more money.

Canvas Sizes and Types

- I understand that I must choose a canvas size for my commissioned painting from the following sizes: 9" x 12", 11" x 14",   

- I understand that my painting will be completed on high quality stretched canvas. I will choose between the standard 3/4" canvas depth or the 1-1/2" gallery wrapped canvas.

Deposits and Payments

- I understand that any and all commissions require a 50% deposit based on the agreed upon cost for the completed project before work can begin. 

- Payment of the deposit will be made via PayPal or by mailed check. All checks must clear before any work can begin. The artist's mailing address will be furnished to me after an agreement has been reached on the cost of the commission should I choose to pay by check. 

- I understand that once work has begun on my project my deposit CANNOT BE REFUNDED. I understand that once the project is completed and I am satisfied with the results I will not receive my completed painting until I have paid the remaining 50% of the balance owed.  

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